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ALPACA RUGS was founded in 2010 and is a leading company engaged in importing and marketing rugs from around South America.
We in ALPACA RUGS import rugs made of 100% alpaca fur from the Andes Mountains in South America, where growth of these animals. We work with local artists who prepare your carpets using ancient tradition handed from generation to generation.

Alpaca rugs offers a wide selection of carpets, colorful, modern and stylish.
Our carpets offer comfort, quality and style that last for years and suit every design style, both ancient and modern.
Alpaca rugs complement the atmosphere in every space of your home.
Our carpets are made of delicate fur of 5-7 cm length, only natural colors that do not fade with time. We use the most advanced technology for processing the leather and fur combining ancient tradition, and thus form a magnificent rug that holds hundreds of years.
Alpaca's fur is considered to be the best fur in the world!

We in ALPACA RUGS, believe that designing your home should be an exciting experience that will delight everyone in the house, therefore, we offer a wide range of models appropriate to each room and every corner of your house, living room, bedroom, children's room, round rugs, and more...

Customer service is the highest value for us and therefore we will give full guarantee on all our rugs along with the highest quality.

Our representatives will be happy to give you free advices from their experience, all you need is to contact us and we will arrive with number of rugs of your choice and we will find you the best rug for your home.